Rediscovered: The 1565 Siege of Malta

For Autograph Hound Saturday let’s keep the theme of Malta going, which kicked in over the last few days.

Never know where the Winds of the Blog will take you, that’s what I always say.

For the John Hancock, noted pulp and book collector Kevin Cook pulls a novel signed by Tim Willocks off his shelves. When he did his own trip report a couple of years ago about taking a cruise ship to Malta Kevin referred to this novel: “Quite a few of us who still read historical fiction today consider him the best, and The Religion is based on the siege of Malta in 1565.”

Kevin no doubt could knock out a longer blurb on Willocks, since he’s a huge fan. But he told me before he does that — if memory serves — he wants to reread the two or three novels already out and soak up the upcoming title, and after adequate digestion and contemplation express his best judgment. I’m guessing he’s going to remain a huge fan.

If you refer to the pics Nathaniel Mills sent in the other day, you might especially appreciate another observation Kevin made: “The neat thing was that the original sea walls of the city are still standing, and you can understand why the Muslims at the siege had to attack from the land.”

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