Rediscovered: Frisco Mysteries

Randal Brandt of The Bancroft Library — honcho of the website devoted to mysteries set in and around San Francisco — shot in an email announcing an exhibit of local crime novels they just opened in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery in Doe Library. Free. The general public is welcome to take a gander whenever the library is open. “Unfortunately,” Randal says, “the library is closed on Saturdays, but it is open on Sunday afternoons starting at 1:00pm.”

The exhibit — titled “Bullets Across the Bay” — will be on display through February 2012. Plenty of time to see which novels they selected for showcasing. If interested, pencil a note on your calendar.

For anyone who doesn’t understand why anyone would care — these people are out there, trust me — I realized I better toss my essay on collecting San Francisco mysteries back into action. I had it up on my old website for awhile, but let it slide when I moved over into the blogosphere. I think it makes the case pretty well.

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