Rediscovered: H. Bedford Jones

What do you think? Can Brian Leno deal the hand on yet another weekend of autograph excitement?

Looks like it. He just popped in enough material to bury me for an hour or so, noting, “A fun morning for me, rummaging like a frenzied squirrel through my junk.”

So, for Autograph Hound Saturday, what does Brian offer? 

“The check you see is for H. Bedford-Jones’ ‘Land Sharks and Others’ which appeared in Argosy All-Story Weekly, September 24, 1921.

Bedford-Jones is another of those ‘King of the Pulps’ that collectors hear so much about.

“Pretty much a writing machine. Employed more aliases than a bank robber.

“He splashed into all fields, including westerns, science fiction and historical fiction. He co-authored, with W. C. Robertson, The Temple of the Ten, a short lost race novel which first appeared in Adventure, March 3, 1921 — reprinted by Don Grant in the 70s. 

“Bedford-Jones is not a difficult autograph to obtain — how could he be when the guy wrote so much?

“He must have signed hundreds of checks like the one pictured.

“Not all that expensive for the beginning collector and if you are interested in amassing a set of pulp writer signatures, he’s a bedrock figure you can’t do without.”


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