Rediscovered: Now You’ll Need Two Issues

Just heard from John Haefele, who just heard from Firsts, that they broke his coverage of Modern Era Arkham House Ephemera in twain — the new September/October issue will have his essay covering the subject, BUT (a big but) the actual checklist will run in the following issue.

Space restrictions jumped them, or something.

Too bad, it would have made a nice one-stop-shop in a single issue, like my coverage of the Classic Era ephemera did back in 2002.

On the other hand, I suppose you don’t have to pop for both issues, you could just wait and grab the checklist. I’m presuming most people will want the checklist. 

And yet, the history/essay is very interesting, that’s where Haefele really gets to swing his dead cat around.

I’m thinking about whether or not this development is a good thing.

Maybe it’s just a thing. What happened.

Haefele will hold down two issues, they’ll make a nice set. . . .

I do hate waiting to get that list, though. Kind of been waiting for it for seventeen years.

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