Rediscovered: Jack’s Pack

Famous Autograph Hound Brian Leno returns with a few items for yet another Autograph Hound Saturday. And of course he’s got a theme going:

I’ve been on a bit of a Jack London kick lately.

First up is a signed copy of The 25th Man: The Strange Story of Ed. Morrell — the Hero of Jack London’s “The Star Rover.”

This autobiography covers the life of the prisoner London based his science fiction novel on. Morrell was, to put it lightly, very ill-treated by the authorities at San Quentin. In fact one of the photos in Morrell’s book shows him in the strait-jacket.

Morrell’s autograph is not a tough one to locate — in fact it’s probably harder to find a copy of his book not signed.

Still, he’s not cheap, and his story is an exciting one.

Also in the photo is a pamphlet advertising London’s book, which I got a few years back. I believe it’s somewhat rare, and it sports a cool head-shot of the great writer.

Another item I picked up more recently: the signature of Martin Johnson, the man who signed on as head cook on London’s The Snark for its famous voyage.

Johnson, along with his wife, Osa, had plenty more adventures later in life in the South Seas and Africa as a photographer and film-maker. His life ended in a plane crash.

The last item is a signed copy of Stanley Waterloo’s The Story of Ab: A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man. Waterloo felt that London, with his novel Before Adam, plagiarized his tale of the Dawn of Time.

I should mention I have the signature of London, but I’m thinking he deserves his own post.

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