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Sinister Cinema: Greeks in Hollywood

Paging through Greeks in Hollywood: In the Silent Movie Era, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the clipping of Jack Pierce, legendary makeup artist, working on Boris Karloff. If you dig the original Universal Monsters, Pierce pretty … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Wolf and Greek Go All Primeval

Our pal Morgan “The Morgman” Holmes has a dictum — either the product of his own profound deliberations or picked up over shots of whiskey in a seedy bar held together with vines and rattan somewhere on the outskirts of … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Jack’s Pack

Famous Autograph Hound Brian Leno returns with a few items for yet another Autograph Hound Saturday. And of course he’s got a theme going: I’ve been on a bit of a Jack London kick lately. First up is a signed … Continue reading

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Remembered: 100 Years Ago Today

Yeah, you see the autographed pic of Dempsey, and your mind spins — you’re thinking it’s Autograph Hound Saturday! But it’s Thursday July 4th — and American Independence happened more than a hundred years ago, right? (That’s what I heard, anyway.) … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Tully and Hammett and Chaney (Oh My!)

Finally got back from PulpFest, finished shaking the flakes of rotting wood-pulp dust off my traveling gear, and guess it’s time to jump back into the blogosphere. To reboot the action, how about some comments from Mark Dawidziak, the Jim Tully biographer, … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: The Underworld Years

Let’s ease gently from Biography Month into LitCrit Month. . . . In the intro to their bio on Jim Tully, Bauer and Dawidziak have this statement: Frank Scully, who knew Tully better than anyone, had a warning for any … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Big 88

My spies out there in the world, always keeping an eye on the news, have alerted me to the latest honor for the author who makes The Dashiell Hammett Tour the rollicking fun ride that it is: Hammett’s Red Harvest has … Continue reading

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Hammett: And “Martha Ivers”

Early this year I gave a notice for Matthew Asprey’s collection of Jack London stories set in San Francisco — and now I hear that he’s jumped fully into the academic world as Dr. Matthew Asprey Gear, Department of Media, … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Native Son

Editor Matthew Asprey got a copy to me of his collection of Jack London’s best tales set in and around San Francisco, including the complete Tales of the Fish Patrol — and “South of the Slot,” the London yarn selected … Continue reading

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