Rediscovered: Lamb

Obviously the baseline reference point for today’s Autograph Hound Saturday posts from Brian Leno is none other than Robert E. Howard. And why not? Like his pal H.P. Lovecraft, REH is the central sun around which other literary planets orbit.

Brian says, “Two other writers with whom Howard was familiar are Harold Lamb and Talbot Mundy. While memory can be an untrustworthy tool I do believe I read Lamb a few years before I ever dipped into Howard.

“His biographies took up much room in the book racks of the sixties and Genghis Khan: The Emperor of All Men (1927) was the first I ever read. Still my favorite. My copy, with a nice early signature, is unfortunately an ex-library book, but a nice grab for my collection.

“The signed check is also very desirable, even with the ‘H. A. Lamb’ abbreviation. I do have another signed book by Lamb, but I was unable to locate it.”

Please, witnesses to the proceedings — Brian knows he’s got it, but amid the massive pileups and bulging files, where could it be?

“I can’t remember the name of the Harold Lamb book I can’t find, but I’m sure it’s another of his biographies. I know what room it’s in — that’s always a good start.”

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