Rediscovered: Max Z

While I don’t proselytize for it every day, I am a big fan of the Max Brooks novel World War Z — not so much for the movie they named after it.

Brian Leno nabbed me a couple of Brooks paperbacks during a signing and talk in Bismarck, and got him to personalize them to me (or anyone named Don, I guess — but I am Don of the Dead, in case you didn’t know).

The short inscriptions are clean enough, but the actual signature Brian characterized as chicken scratching — understandable, with a line pressing in and guys like Brian hauling up five books to be marked (but, that’s five books sold, so what the hell).

I’m not sure if the zombiemeister intends the scrawl to be a full “Max Brooks” or perhaps a pithy “Max” — if just Max, yeah, you can almost see it. . . .

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