Rediscovered: Zombiemeister

Autograph Hound Super-Sunday once again, and do we have anything super to offer? I think so.

Yesterday we pinned the label of neat-nik on Kevin Cook, preferring as he does nice clean signatures you can actually read.

I think Autograph Hound Brian Leno and I go more for the rough-and-ready scrawl — John Hancocked with the wild kinetic energy you’d get at a cockfight.

Brian chips in, “As long as we’re talking chicken scratches I thought I’d give you another one.  

“That’s the signature of Max Brooks on his Zombie Survival Guide.  

“A few years back Mr. Brooks visited Bismarck and I was able to attend his performance and hear him talk about the upcoming zombie apocalypse, as detailed in his World War Z. There was a pretty good crowd and afterwards we stood in line and he started signing.  

“I believe I had five books that I asked him to sign and he was very gracious, writing a different inscription in each volume.

“But that autograph is something else, isn’t it?  

“Above his signature he wrote ‘Shoot in Head!’ Why he felt he had to add that I don’t understand — everybody knows that’s the only real way to kill a zombie.  

“But the man is an expert on zombie warfare, and I hope I can remember his advice when I look out my front window and see that World War Z has, indeed, invaded the streets of Bismarck.  

“It’s just a matter of time.”

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