Rediscovered: Me and Willeford in a Comic Book

Brian Van Gold of Oakland just did a little homegrown comic book featuring me and Willeford — mostly Willeford. I show up in a one-page anecdote illustrating the time Willeford informed me that All Great Literature is Depressing.

I think this marks only the second time I have pulled a cameo in a comic book.

First was many moons ago after Roy Thomas had me and The Dashiell Hammett Tour show up in a four-issue mini-series featuring a revamped Jonni Thunder (who originally was a guy, but in the revamp was a female detective in San Francisco).

Think that cameo was in issue three, but I’d have to dig through the files to be sure.

Roy had just been on the walk, and apparently figured What the hell? Carmine Infantino, famous for The Flash, was the artist, working off the cover image on the second edition of the tour book.

I noticed that Roy made the news not long ago c/o his role as the original writer on the Iron Fist series, and got dragged — at least briefly — into the dustup on whether Iron Fist in the Netflix incarnation ought to have been played by an Asian actor or not, or whatever the specific controversy may have been. I glanced at a couple of articles and thought, Roy’s making the news — cool.

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