Hammett: A Speedy Return to the Clew-Pile

Barely a fortnight had slipped past when Jeopardy! once again sampled from the huge variety of potential clews related to the life and work of Dashiell Hammett — I admit, I was taken by surprise.

I was thinking it would be at least a break of two or three fortnights.

On January 18 in the Jeopardy! round, the category Movie Spoilers, $400 slot:

The “bird” sought by Kaspar Gutman & others in this Bogart film turns out to be fake.

First guy buzzes in: “What is The Maltese Falcon?”


I wonder if they’ll ever have a clew about why Gutman’s name is spelled Kaspar in the movie instead of as Caspar in the novel? The kind of thing that keeps me awake nights.

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