Rediscovered: That Cosmic Piping of a Flute. . .

John D. Haefele and I have been batting chapters of his upcoming Lovecraft: The Great Tales back and forth like we’re in some champeen tennis match or something.

I’m doing the editing, and after I went under the knife earlier this year, the whole process ground to a near stop for awhile. At least on my end. But once I got about six months out whatever vague post-op ennui that lingered fell away, and suddenly I got my old speed back. I don’t do much, but when I do actually do something, I’m faster than hell.

I’m thinking my revived speed might even be faster than my old speed. . . .

Anyway, we’re kicking the Lovecraftian ball around and today Haefele sent me this note:

Did you catch the recent article in USA Today by Doyle Rice titled, “Spooky noises heard in Antarctic ice shelf”?

Rice says the noises were only discovered using special instruments and quotes one scientist saying, “It’s kind of like you’re blowing a flute, constantly.” Another scientist “likened the sounds to the buzz of thousands of cicadas.”

If you’re not into Lovecraft, that might not do much for you.

If you are into old HPL — delightful, right?

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