Tour: Two Sundays in November

One Sunday tour left in October, then two more in November to wrap up the year. . . .

The pic above came from Mario Ruiz, and he dates it to 2014, when he rolled down from Portland to walk the walk and “had a blast.” He’s thinking about hitting one of the upcoming November dates, and I hope he makes it.

I can’t be sure if he’s the guy I remember who one day decided to just jump in his car and drive down from Portland to do the tour, or another guy.

Maybe I’ll find out next month.

To learn which specific Sundays and where to start, hit the Contact Don button above and I’ll send you the dope.

Pic below, same basic image — standing next to the plaque mounted next to the doorway of 891 Post, the building where Hammett wrote The Maltese Falcon, the building where Sam Spade lives in the novel. But this one dates from the tour by appointment I did for Sisters in Crime on August 5, 2017:


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