Rediscovered: The Bantam Docs

Earlier today Brian Leno was claiming that he’s “no expert on Doc Savage.”

Yeah, sure, he’s not Will Murray, but he has contributed to Big Book of Bronze.

And at the end of last year he was very happy when he completed his set of the Doc Savage Bantam paperbacks.

Or so he thought.

He just let me know that he’s missing one — it went on the block on eBay a day or two ago and raked in $338.

But last year and for awhile Brian was a happy collector (you’ll notice his table lighter from Lester Dent in front of the larger print signed by artist Joe DeVito and Will “Kenneth Robeson” Murray):

Finally picked up all the Doc books, the original series anyway — the new Will Murray ones will have to wait a bit, although I do have a few.

Of course a couple of Shadow things rounds out the Dent display.

And if you strain a little more at the bottom you’ll see a small collection of Hopalong Cassidy mugs.

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