Rediscovered: The Halloween Knell

This year Halloween snuck up on me on little cat’s feet, but Brian Leno remembered the annual tradition we’ve had going on with eldritch John Hancocks, year after year. He’s begun popping them in for interested eyeballs:

“Pigeons from Hell” aired on television in 1961, as an episode of Boris Karloff’s Thriller, and to date it’s still the best adaptation of a Robert E. Howard story. 

Here is a nice photo of Ottola Nesmith as the zuvembie, and the signed card is by John Newland, the director of the famous horror show.

While I do have the autograph of Ms. Nesmith, I was unable to locate it — perhaps I’ll find it by next Halloween. She had a long career in films and television, and another movie of note would be The Wolfman (1941), where she has an uncredited role as one of the town busybodies.

John Newland is known for being the host of One Step Beyond, and had a pretty long career himself in the cinematic field.

I’ll be sending more along Don as the day moves forward.

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