Rediscovered: Woolrich and Mom

Autograph Hound Saturday yet again, and I think this round we’re going to go with the theme of Revisited — John Hancocks you’ve seen here before, but different. Can’t call them new, because they’re hauled forth from Out of the Past.


Noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook has been raining Cornell Woolrich cheques on us the last few months. Woolrich, one of the most noir of the noir guys.

But of all the Woolrich signatures in his files, Kevin has been talking about one different than all the others, and presents it today.

Kevin says, “The ‘unique’ Cornell Woolrich check in my collection is one signed by both Woolrich and his mother, Claire.

“I won it in an auction and there was no explanation for the two signatures, although the obvious supposition is that they kept at least one joint bank account.”

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