Sinister Cinema: The Mummy’s Ghost

Now I’ve caught the Pulps in the Movies bug!

The other night I fell into an impromptu Mummy marathon, and personally spotted a woodpulp in the cinematic wild.

The Mummy’s Ghost (1944) with Lon Chaney Jr, John Carradine, even Barton MacLane (Inspector Dundy from the Bogie Falcon) — roughly halfway in, the museum sequence. Oscar O’Shea as the museum watchman does his rounds, then sits in a chair and picks up what appears to be Detective Tales (1935-1953). And yes, soon enough the Mummy grabs his neck in that lefty stranglehold and chokes all the joy out of him, as a gloating Carradine looks on.

I checked with John Locke to see if he had that one in his queue, and of course he did. I mean, The Mummy’s Ghost — for this sort of thing, it’d be like not spotting a pulp in Citizen Kane.

And also of course, John knew which exact fictionmag pulled the cameo: “It’s the March 1942 Detective Tales.”

IMDb trivia reports the movie was shot between August 23 and September 1, 1943, so it was not quite hot off the newsstand.

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