Rediscovered: Wouk, A Name Checked for Over Half a Century

You know how it is, you just sit around and try to mind your own business, and things start impinging on you.

The other day I was watching Jeopardy! when a clew asked for the author of the 2012 novel The Lawgiver, and the contestant made a calculated guess for “John Grisham.” I got it, because the clew gave the title of a much earlier novel by the same writer, The Caine Mutiny. Couldn’t believe the guy hadn’t heard of The Caine Mutiny.

“Herman Wouk,” I said (I don’t do the full Jeopardy! bit, Who is Herman Wouk?).

Then a couple of days later, listening to an episode of the Jack Benny radio show, what the hell. Jack is looking for a book to read and comes across The Caine Mutiny, by Herman Wouk.

Jack  says:

“Oh, I remember him. He used to write for Fred Allen, and then he quit to go to war.


A quick check of Wiki and what do you know, Wouk used to write for the Fred Allen show. And he’s still writing, still alive at age 98. Whoa.

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