Frisco Beat: And the Speakers Are

The celebration for the 25th anniversary of the literary streets is on for 2 p.m. in Jack Kerouac alley, next to City Lights, on Sunday October 6. The roster of speakers (five minutes each, max, or so I’m told) will be (author/street first, then speakers):

Jack London: Burrito Justice

Ambrose Bierce: Steven Black

Mark Twain: Sacha Arnold

Dashiell Hammett: Don Herron

Isadora Duncan: Rita Felciano

Frank Norris, Jr.: Jim Nelson

Richard Henry Dana, Jr.: Peter Kasin

Beniamino Bufano: John Held Jr.

Bob Kaufman: Mia Paschal

Lawrence Ferlinghetti: (speaker as yet unconfirmed)

Kenneth Rexroth: Mikl-Em

William Saroyan: Foul Play Productions

Jack Kerouac: Nicole Gluckstern

With MC duties handled by Evan Karp

I think I might be the only guy who was on the scene for the original naming of the streets, but can’t say for sure. If I am, then I’m the one to ask about why a street wasn’t named after poet George Sterling, etc & etc, if you’re there and you’re curious.

I understand the order of the speakers is based on the order of the streets as reached during the bicycle tour preceding the event.

And, yes, I’m once again speaking on behalf of Hammett and the mean streets. Always a pleasure.

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