Sinister Cinema: Brigitte Helm

And if you’ve seen Metropolis, you probably have put the words “hot” and “robot” together in your mind.

For Autograph Hound Super-Sunday Brian Leno returns to those halcyon years of German silent cinema with some comments on:

Brigitte Helm had immortality bestowed upon her for her performance in the 1927 movie, Metropolis.

She played good Maria and her not-so-good double in what is arguably one of the greatest films in any language.

The scenes of her transforming into the robot are familiar to every movie buff.

If the chance arises, a not-to-be-missed movie with Helm is the 1928 version of Alraune. She moves through the film with so much sensuality that your blood will boil. I don’t know how easy it is to procure a copy of Hann Heinz Ewers’ book they turned into that movie, but it’s a worthwhile quest.

Her signature, while not overly expensive, is a very desirable one.

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