Sinister Cinema: Metropolis Mama

From Faust to Metropolis, Brian Leno keeps this Autograph Hound Super-Sunday hopping.

Yeah, he’s got a Thea von Harbou John Hancock, but he’d really like to have the loot needed to pop for a copy of the novel currently available on the L.W. Currey website.

Here’s Brian:

Thea von Harbou, who was once married to Fritz Lang, wrote the novelization of Metropolis — she and Lang collaborated on the screenplay.

Another important book was her Die Frau im Mond which became a movie by Lang, and most of us know that title as Woman in the Moon.

She also collaborated with Lang on the screenplay to Die Nibelungen (1924), which tells the tale of dragon-slayer Siegfried and of what happened after his death.

She apparently, so Wikipedia tells me, worked on the screenplay to M (1931), but is uncredited.

Her first husband was Rudolf Klein-Rogge, and we all know him as Rotwang from Metropolis, the man responsible for the creation of the robot.

Von Harbou is rare and expensive, but necessary for the collector of autographs from the German silent era

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