Sinister Cinema: Burnt Orange to “Close Venice”

Kent Harrington, who watches the media scene more closely than I do (which means he follows Variety) just popped me a link to an article which reports that the film of Charles Willeford’s novel The Burnt Orange Hersey apparently got wrapped — and is set to close the Venice Film Festival.

A rousing chorus of Yowsahs, please.

Sure, I’m a trifle leery of the blurb describing it as “a contemporary ‘erotic neo-noir thriller'” — last time I heard about it, when they brought Mick Jagger into the cast, was that it was a “heist thriller.”

And it appears that they lost Christopher Walken, subbing in Donald Sutherland. Too bad about Walken — he’d have made a nice addition to the cinematic Willeford’s cast of characters, alongside Warren Oates and Harry Dean Stanton.  

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