Sinister Cinema: John Stanley on Cheese Theatre

— and you can read the rest of the description of the most recent book from the long time host of Creature Features on John Stanley’s website, check out what else he’s been up to lately. Among other things I’ve done in the day, I appeared on CF a few times, including the final episode — I recall Fritz Leiber and John Law also showing up to send Stanley off.

And tonight John Stanley is sitting in with Bill Arney for the first of two new guest-starring spots on Cheese Theatre. Last time I mentioned Bill I forgot to note that Cheese has moved from the first season’s Friday night at midnight slot to 10 p.m. on Saturdays. I think it is still almost impossible to download for later viewing, you have to tune in during real time.

But anyone with that Creature Features bug in their bloodstream won’t have any trouble punching Cheese up on the computer and watching some science fiction or horror or noir on a Saturday night.

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