Sinister Cinema: Tomorrow, If You’ve Got the Loot. . .

When last heard from on this blog, I was wondering if the lead statue of the mysterious Black Bird due to go on the auction block tomorrow might not be the dingus from the collection of Dr. Gary Milan — and it turns out it is, since the Sam Spade armchair, also from his Bogie hoard, is up for bid, too.

(I didn’t do any kind of thorough — it was barely casual — look-over of items for sale, but one thing Milan had in his collection I always thought was the most impressive: the gigantic doors from Rick’s Café Américain. The guy is a Bogie fan without equal. A falcon statue any body could make room for, but those doors. . . .)

Our good pal Brian Leno (The Famous Masochist) scouted around on the web and sent me the links to the Bonhams and TCM auction — a treasure trove of items, if you’ve got the treasure. Or you can just follow the proceedings, gavel stroke after gavel stroke.

Someone let me know what the rara avis pops for and I’ll spread the word. If it isn’t at least a million, I might be a little disappointed. . . .

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