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Hammett: Blue Bloods Blurb

Both Evan Lewis and Brian Wallace alerted me to a major Hammett/Falcon cameo in the cop show Blue Bloods. “Friday night, February 12, 2021,” Brian reported. “Season 11, Episode 7 — ‘In Too Deep.’Alison Gable (Erin Neufer) is introduced to … Continue reading

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Tour: The “Maltese” Maltese Falcon

Nathaniel Mills came out on the walk about a month ago, and it sounded as if putting the gumshoes to the mean streets of San Francisco was part of some double-whammy plan. He’d already hit the island of Malta. And on the … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Next Time, Make It 10 Million Dollars

Michael Soltys — who last showed up here on these mean streets over a year ago with info about Hammett stopping in Key Largo — was first to let me know that the falcon statue on the block at the … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Tomorrow, If You’ve Got the Loot. . .

When last heard from on this blog, I was wondering if the lead statue of the mysterious Black Bird due to go on the auction block tomorrow might not be the dingus from the collection of Dr. Gary Milan — … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: On the Block

I should note the news that one of the falcon statues from the 1941 Bogie movie sits atop the auction block again — with a cool million sales point not out of the question. You can look up earlier articles that herald the event, … Continue reading

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