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Posse McMillan: Crumdog Speaks

  The magazine Contrappasso is going a little interactive. You now can read the piece of autobiography Floyd Salas contributed to the first issue online — and the interview with James “Crumdog” Crumley by Noel King also gets an online … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: More Life of Floyd

Got a note from Matthew Asprey that he’s got another publishing deal gone down — the magazine Contrappasso. Haven’t seen it yet, but a star feature for Up and Down These Mean Streets types would be a new autobiographical piece … Continue reading

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Death Lit: The Torch is Passed, Kakonis to Levison

You have to poke around some on this site to find it, but if you do there’s an enthusiastic endorsement for the crime novels of Tom Kakonis. And I guess some people may surf right in to that page, because Kakonis’s … Continue reading

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Posse McMillan: 60, and Counting

You’ve heard of Posse Comitatus, the version where you round up your gang and roar off after whoever needs to be run down. This on-going feature follows in the dust trail of Posse McMillan, rounding up news and views from the stable … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Floyd, the Big 8, Still Straight

On January 22nd a big bash was held to celebrate Floyd Salas hitting 80 years of age — his actual birthday falls on the 23rd, but people were confident he’d make it another day, so the party was on. For … Continue reading

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News: February 2007

WALKING THE WALK Once again, all the Hammett tours this month are being done for groups by appointment, but check back from time to time — any extra tours open to the public will be posted here. Or if you … Continue reading

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