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Rediscovered: More Posse McMillan

About a month ago we spotlighted the unwieldy squiggle of Kent Harrington during the Autograph Hound weekend. Plunged in deep, lots of samples. One of the most prolific Posse McMillan writers back in the day, and one of the favorites of … Continue reading

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Hammett: Some Corrections If You Please

Awhile back I did a link to a review of The Big Book of the Continental Op by Jesse Sublett. I’m sure there are numerous reviews of Big Book of the Op I haven’t linked to yet, and never will, … Continue reading

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Tombstone: Blackjack Jerome — or, What I Did on Hammett’s 121st Birthday

Earlier this year Fondas Ladis from Greece was in the burg, researching a biography of John “Blackjack” Jerome. Blackjack was a Greek, who among other activities became famous as a strikebreaker, in San Francisco and around the country. Tradition has … Continue reading

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Posse McMillan: DMac vs. Zombies

While I think the actual life of Dennis McMillan is interesting enough, especially if you’ve got your noir or absurd on, I realised awhile back that a shadow life of Dennis in fiction was developing — don’t know for certain if it … Continue reading

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Tour: Banner Ad

I’ve got to give Vince Emery credit for his job publishing the newest edition of the Hammett Tour book — and he tells me that he has taken out a banner ad for the trade paperback printing over on the … Continue reading

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News: January 2009

NO EXTRA TOURS, LOTS OF NOIR No extra walks have been set for this month, but if you want some noir, buckle your seat belts. Don returns to the Mechanics Library for a reading — he’ll do the underground section … Continue reading

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News: January 2008

STAYING IN OUT OF THE RAIN No extra tours set for this month, but if you want to hear Don offer a few opinions on noir and hard-boiled fiction while staying dry at the same time, come on down to … Continue reading

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News: December 2007

THIRTY YEARS DOWN Other than some groups by appointment, no gumshoes are hitting the pavement of the mean streets this month, as thirty years eases quietly past — with year thirty-one to follow. The plans by Vince Emery to publish … Continue reading

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News: February 2007

WALKING THE WALK Once again, all the Hammett tours this month are being done for groups by appointment, but check back from time to time — any extra tours open to the public will be posted here. Or if you … Continue reading

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