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Rediscovered: The Bill Breiding Omnibus

Pretty much the last thing I might have expected to roll in would have been an omnibus — under the banner of Rose Motel — of Bill Breiding’s “Fanzine Pieces 1980-2014.” Years pass and I don’t hear from Bill, then Bingo. … Continue reading

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Suicide Club: Locked Room Poet

I’d fact-check before I put it in a book, but memory tells me that Gary Warne ended up in San Francisco because his pals from West Virginia, the Breiding clan, came here first. Within a few years Gary launched The … Continue reading

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News: December 2009

HAPPY HARDBOILED HOLIDAYS In this case, from a few of the folk who showed up for the Hammett Flash Mob on April 2nd of this year — but doesn’t the heavy red and green décor of The Ha-Ra Bar just … Continue reading

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News: January 2009

NO EXTRA TOURS, LOTS OF NOIR No extra walks have been set for this month, but if you want some noir, buckle your seat belts. Don returns to the Mechanics Library for a reading — he’ll do the underground section … Continue reading

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