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Hollywood Beat: Jim Tully

Recent mentions of hitting Hollywood again, plus references to my 1984 book The Dark Barbarian, on Texas writer Robert E. Howard, brought Jim Tully back to mind — a road kid and beggar and circus roustabout who became one of the … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: An Aside on John Carter of Mars

In 2008, under my occasional nom de guerre George Knight, I collaborated with Morgan “The Morgman” Holmes on “Conan the Argonaut” for the August issue of The Cimmerian, V5n4 — covering the idea that if he had lived Robert E. … Continue reading

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News: December 2008

NOTHING EXTRA IN THE OLD STOCKING No extra walks have been set for December, and in fact Don got so buried in other stuff we didn’t even do News for October or November — still, we figured John’s Grill making … Continue reading

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