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Hammett: More “Op” Coinage

After his first stab at tracking down when the term “The Continental Op” came into play, Terry Zobeck returns to the pulps and books to search for more clews. When last seen he had found the Continental Op — cap C, … Continue reading

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Hammett: “This King Business” News

Our frequent Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck pops back with some swell news — if you might wonder why you’d want to have the third edition of a book on your hard-boiled shelf over the first edition, read on. I started … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Real “Business”

I just hosted my first Guest Blogger, Brian Leno — how about another one? Up this time is Terry Zobeck, whose name may ring a bell because he turned up the source for the quote where Hammett had called the … Continue reading

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