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Hammett: “The Tenth Clew”

Brian Leno just let me know that Library of America put up the Op story “The Tenth Clew” as their Story of the Week feature. There’s a brief introduction, but we covered — or uncovered — the main points circa … Continue reading

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Hammett: Dannay Does “Arson Plus,” per Nevins

Before his name came up again in connection with John Lawrence’s Marquis of Broadway stories, Mike Nevins got linked on this blog courtesy a bit he did about Frederic Dannay editing the Op tale “The Tenth Clew” — I put up … Continue reading

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Hammett: Another Newspaper Serialization

Okay. This is getting ridiculous. John D. Squires has come across yet another newspaper serialization of a Continental Op story, this time from 1947. You may recall he recently uncovered a 1956 newspaper run for Hammett’s “The Tenth Clew,” prompting … Continue reading

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Hammett: More “Clew”

And here’s another chapter heading for that 1950s newspaper reprint of Hammett’s “The Tenth Clew,” featuring a quite svelte Continental Op in action — thanks to John D. Squires for bringing it to my attention.

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Hammett: Another “Clew”

The last time Hammett’s 1924 Op story “The Tenth Clew” got a mention on this site was when we linked to a bit where Mike Nevins covered some odd editing Frederic Dannay did on the ending in the 1940s. I figured … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Digging Out the Dannay

I’ve never been interested in the fiction of author “Ellery Queen” — nom de guerre for the cousins Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee. The only Queen titles I ever recall reading were some of the 1960s novels ghost written … Continue reading

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