Tour: 3 Sundays in October

For anyone who wants to just show up by noon near the revolving “L” sculpture with 20 bucks and four hours to kill, take your pick from Sunday October 15 or Sunday October 22 or Sunday October 29 — the tourist season goes out with a bang, as the warmer months give way to winter, and possible rains, maybe even monsoons sweeping in.

In short, if you want to do the tour this year, jump on one of those dates.

Otherwise, you can pull together a group by appointment and do the walk other days and other times. You can select a date that might get rained out, no harm no foul, or you can hoof ahead in the squalls if you’re a tough guy.

Images show the Sisters in Crime tour by appointment conducted on Saturday August 5, as we roll up to the plaque marking the Sam Spade apartment building in 891 Post.

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