Rediscovered: FLIVVER GAME (!!!)


Operatives of the Mean Streets scour the country, looking for clews. I know it. I trust you know it.

Agent Paul Herman just sent in a report after he “went to a collectible ephemera show in Hartford last weekend.” Naturally, when he saw a Flivver Game from Milton Bradley on the block, he snapped a few frames.

Paul clearly followed the dust-up here over the word “flivver,” which ended up being declared The Robert E. Howard WORD OF THE YEAR last year. You may remember that some outlandish boobs were suggesting that a flivver could have been any kind of old car in the 1920s, while I — expert enough in the era — said, nope, a flivver is a Ford.

Paul notes, “This game only mentions FORD in the instructions. I thought this will finally put to rest the deniers out there.”

Yeah, you’d think so, but anyone who doesn’t know that a flivver was a Ford just might be too dumb to be swayed by any kind of evidence. Even the Flivver Game.

(Cool as hell. Flivver Game. Wow.)

Thanks, Paul — if you see him set-up as a dealer at the various pulp shows, you can thank him yourself. Paul’s been out to Frisco on the tour, and he’s the real deal — here’s how real: he’s got almost all the Hammett issues of Black Mask. “I still need five issues to finish my run, all from the 1920s — pre-Cap Shaw.”

A gumshoe-wearing Eye watching over the Mean Streets. . . .



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