Tour: Mentioned in the NYT Again

Or so I’m told.

After the tour yesterday I dropped in on the Second Sunday gathering of local f&sf fans — the fanzine fans of yesteryear — since this round it was in the Elks Lodge bar near where the walk ends up. They’ve got an Elk in their midst to slip the barkeep the secret password.

One guy asked me if I’d seen the mention in the New York Times earlier in the year, and I hadn’t. Nice news, but he seemed disappointed that I didn’t display a wilder burst of enthusiasm — he concluded that I’m used to that sort of thing, and it doesn’t matter too much to me any more.

Kind of true. The first write-up I ever got in the NYT was the one that caused me to run around flailing my arms and screaming. Then I got the occasional mentions when they would do their San Francisco coverage once a year, and the most recent one that I have seen — the noir story I shadowed my way into — was pretty big, too. In fact, the mention this year apparently was a reference or link back to the noir deal, but got the Dashiell Hammett Tour evoked once again in the Times.

Always cool to get a mention in the Times. Paper of record, that sort of thing.

That I didn’t spring away from my beer and drop down into a breakdance doesn’t mean I wasn’t glad to hear the news.

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