Two-Gun Bob: Famous Someday No. 1

Damn. I slept through it!

When I woke up today I thought to check to see if the eBook Famous Someday, which I blurbed yesterday, had made it to any kind of sales ranking on Amazon.

Turns out it’s doing great at no.3 — BUT near the top it bore the banner “#1 New Release.”


And that’s No.1 in Horror and Supernatural Literature Litcrit releases. No.1 on Kindle Horror and Supe litcrit releases.

But No.1, nonetheless. Take THAT, complete short stories of H.P. Lovecraft!

(Yeah, old HPL crept back into the top spot soon after, but like I was saying, books like that aren’t right for the category — they ought to go into fiction or short stories or something. How they can expect almost any litcrit offering to beat the sales on the Complete Lovecraft is beyond me.)

Offhand, I only remember hitting a No.1 spot on Amazon once before, when my Literary World of San Francisco made it to No.1 bestselling travel book about the city — after it had been out-of-print for around twenty years.

The mysteries of the Amazon sales rankings. . . .

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