Tour: On Sunday July 21 and Sunday July 28

Don Herron hosting The Dashiell Hammett Tour

A couple of requests for walks have rolled in — one from a guy in the area and another from some folk en route to SF from Brownwood, Texas.

After prowling around Texas on several trips to Howard Days in Cross Plains, I always try to accomodate anyone coming in from that vicinity — and Brownwood is home to the burial place of no less than Robert E. Howard himself, in the same cemetery as Charlie Webb, the last man gunned down by John Wesley Hardin. Plus they have a great museum in the old jailhouse, with a still operational trapdoor for hangings (the drop put the body down in the middle of the cellblock, which I’d rank as a major deterent to hanging-offense crime).

Anyway, if interested in joining in, you too can show up and take the tour on both Sunday July 21 and Sunday July 28, noon, $20, the usual — no need to make a reservation, just be there ready to walk.

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