Tour: Chatting with KPAM

On Tuesday I recorded a radio interview with KPAM out of Portland and they tell me it’ll air this weekend on “The Azumano Travel Show” — split into two parts so the sound of scruffing gumshoes hiking up and down the mean streets doesn’t overwhelm the segment.

On Saturday the 13th you can catch it at 6 a.m. (an absolutely brutal hour by the standards that hold sway here at Tour Central) Pacific Standard Time.

The repeat plays at noon Pacific on Sunday the 14th.

KPAM features streaming, Apps, so even if you’re not in the broadcast area, you can punch it up if you want to listen. I don’t know what bits will make the cut, and we talked quite a lot outside the Q&A format about literary sites (my interviewer had been to the Louisa May Alcott house — hey, I’d go), Red Harvest and Butte, Frederic Forrest playing Hammett in a couple of movies, etc. & etc.

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