Tour: Sunday July 20


I’m handling most of the demand for walks caused by the recent New York Times article by arranging groups by appointment during the week, but at least one out-of-towner asked for one on a Sunday — which I figure ought to take care of some suddenly enthusiastic locals, too.

So, anyone who has $20 and four hours to spare can show up at noon on Sunday July 20 and walk the walk. As easy as that.

My only advice for people who live in San Francisco or the Bay Area is that you don’t all have to show up at once, for this one tour. I also have walks planned for Sunday August 10 and August 31, plus Sunday September 21, and I’m sure other dates will open up. Yeah, I can calculate the economic advantages of having 200 people show up for $20 each (figuring out 17 people at $20 each, though, might take me awhile).

The point is: it is not as if I am a hot new restaurant, just reviewed, where you want to stand in line for hours. I’ve been around since 1977, and figure I can make it another few years. Don’t kill yourselves trying to get to this first walk post-Times.

The most people who ever just showed up, after a huge publicity barrage in the Sunday Chronicle, was 78 — and that’s nuts.

But, yeah, $1560 wouldn’t be a bad payday for four hours of gumshoeing up and down the mean streets. . . .

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