Tour: The “Maltese” Maltese Falcon

Nathaniel Mills came out on the walk about a month ago, and it sounded as if putting the gumshoes to the mean streets of San Francisco was part of some double-whammy plan.

He’d already hit the island of Malta.

And on the island of Malta he picked up a Black Bird statuette — apparently they’re a popular item. (In fact, you may remember Kevin Cook reporting on his trip to Malta a couple of years ago, in which he disdained the statues — but Kevin is picky as hell, as we all know.)

Nathaniel sounded as if he was pretty happy with his dingus. If you get one or another of the various imitation statues churned out over the years, a fake of a fake, I’m thinking it would be cool to look at it and know you nabbed it on Malta.

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