Tour: Two More in May

Only two more Sundays left in May, two more chances to put your gumshoes on the mean streets before I jump over to other things in the month of June, and maybe July, as well. . . .

For the tour on Sunday May 15 a guy showed up who has taken the walk a few times, plus another fellow from Danville who took it many years ago, although he couldn’t remember how long ago. Last year a guy came out who calculated that he had walked the walk an even thirty years before. Yeah, I’ve been around a long time. I get it.

And as the May 15 tour reached the mouth of Burritt alley, we encountered a couple, both swathed in trenchcoats, standing under the plaque — and as it turned out, they were returning to the site for fun, having been out on the tour twenty-seven years ago.

Man. I’m thinking I should have tagged all the Hammett tour walkers like otters or something, so we could have tracked their movements in a Great Sociological Experiment.

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