Two-Gun Bob: Ed Gobbett

Brian Leno sent me this news yesterday:

Just had a hunch to look Ed Gobbett up and see he died some months back. He’s proudly holding his copy of A Gent from Bear Creek — look at all those pulps behind him!

One of the nicest guys I corresponded with in Robert E. Howard Fandom.

I treasure the Howard items he gave to me. When I found another copy of Gent I told him about it because I couldn’t afford it. Once he bought it, he sent me a finder’s fee of the Boardman edition of Conan the Conqueror.  No dustjacket, but a very nice copy.

I was digging through all my crap during the lockdown and found Ed’s email exchange with me from years ago and that led me to this sad news.

Digging up the past leads to depressing things sometimes. I liked Ed.

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