Two-Gun Bob: Gobbett on the Block

No doubt big ticket, because Ed Gobbett was a big time collector, so open your wallets if you want in on the sale of his pulps and other treasures.

But who knows, you might get lucky — and if you’re satisfied with a catalog Adventure House offers a full-color look-behind-the-scenes for $20ish. Later a PDF version will be available gratis.

While his trove contained tons of pulps, I always think of his library as Robert E. Howard-centric. He had more than one copy of REH’s first book from 1937, the posthumous A Gent from Bear Creek. He tracked down the wood-pulp mags where REH saw print in his lifetime.

Gobbett was even in on my first big splash into the Howardian litcrit pond, when the essay “Conan vs. Conantics” showed up in the zine REH: Two-Gun Raconteur in 1976. The next issue saw me grappling with L. Sprague de Camp in the letters column, plus a very few other people chipped in. Gobbett sided with me.

Without looking it up, back then I believe Ed was going by the name Dale Gobbett, but no question it was the same Gobbett.

In memoriam, then, for a guy who had my back.

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