Two-Gun Bob: The First Robert E. Howard Biograph TriplePunchPack

Yesterday the eBook Famous Someday popped on Kindle — another Robert E. Howard TriplePunchPack from The Cimmerian Press, but this time instead of litcrit the concentration is on biography.

Interviews with people who knew REH. Investigations into books from the library of Howard’s father — with the concurrent fascination with the amazing doodles you’ll find inside the covers.

All this material first appeared in the pages of The Cimmerian magazine over a decade ago, so if you’ve got a complete collection, in a sense you’ve got it covered. Except, TC was printed in b&w, and the eBook uses full color for the images. Those doodles really catch the eye when viewed in color.

And if you don’t have a complete collection of TC, or you’re a new guy wandering in from the wilderness, hey, there you go. The market this one is serving.

Plus — being most honest here — when I was proofing away I realized that somehow (don’t know how) back in the day I managed to leave one of the books from Doctor Howard’s library list out of the list. The print mag records twenty-five items. The eBook, you get twenty-six.

How could I have forgotten Daniel and the Inter-Biblical Period from 1915?

Cool title.

And I don’t know if there is a connection, but earlier today Brian Leno sent me notice that on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list for horror litcrit that my eBook Megapack The Dark Barbarian That Towers Overall ranked at no.2 (couldn’t nudge the complete fiction of Lovecraft out of the top spot, but then what is a collection of fiction doing in the horror litcrit list, anyway?). The earlier TriplePunchPacks Enter the Barbarian by Morgan Holmes and Lovecraft’s Southern Vacation by Leno ranked no.3 and no.4, respectively.

Top of the world, ma!

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