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Tour: Two Sundays in November

One Sunday tour left in October, then two more in November to wrap up the year. . . . The pic above came from Mario Ruiz, and he dates it to 2014, when he rolled down from Portland to walk the … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: When Chandler Was Home

Brian Wallace popped me the news that Raymond Chandler’s home in La Jolla — given how often he moved around, kind of his main lair — is up for serious renovation and the addition of a second story. If that … Continue reading

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Hammett: Bill Arney on The Lost Detective

Today is the official publication date for Nathan Ward’s new bio of Dashiell Hammett, so to raise a symbolic glass of Bacardi in toast (I’m sure all big fans of The Maltese Falcon will get the reference), let’s have a … Continue reading

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891 Post: The Scorched Face

And today Mark Murphy pops in a photo showing off exactly how close the fire came to his windows — top floor, at right — leaving scorch marks on the south face of 891 Post. I think you’ll be able … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday September 21

  Image above — gesticulating next to the plaque marking the Sam Spade apartment building in 891 Post Street. And if you want to gumshoe the mean streets on The Dashiell Hammett Tour this month, your chance to do so … Continue reading

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891 Post: Jeopardy!

Catching up on this past week’s file of Jeopardy! on the DVR, a surprise moment from the Double Jeopardy Round aired Thursday December 19: Category: Literary Landmarks. The $1200 slot. Statement: In the late 1920s Dashiell Hammett lived in an … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Sam Spade Landmark Saved from Fire

Whoa. Close one. Anything involving fire in San Francisco is a close one. Vince Emery just popped me the news that a fire threatened Julius’ Castle on Telegraph Hill, but they got it out before too much damage was done. … Continue reading

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