Frisco Beat: Nathan Ward Goes to Sea

You’ll remember Nathan Ward and his Hammett bio The Lost Detective. That one really gets going when Hammett rolls into San Francisco and sits down at his typewriter.

Over on CrimeReads Nathan has just kicked a story off from San Francisco again, a tale of mutiny at sea from 1902 with murder and shooting — highly detailed, very interesting. You’ll want to find out how the main mutineer later turned up as a sheriff in Arizona, I bet.

I haven’t been thinking a lot lately of Frisco as a hotbed of shanghai action and a major port and all that history, but of course it was.

Two words: Jack London. Three words: The Sea Wolf.

And the rebel crew back in 1902 picked up the handle the “cowboy mutineers.” I suspect Nathan may have come across this saga as he was working on his upcoming book about Charlie Siringo, due out in September. He’s been digging into range detective Siringo’s career the last few years. He keeps busy.

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