Sinister Cinema: Contacts Made

If you were worried about the guy who worked on Wim Wenders’ Hammett getting in contact with the guy doing a documentary on that film, you can relax.

They’ve been put in touch, and have spent an initial two hours on the phone. Many more to follow, no doubt.

Joe Goodrich, the guy who knows the guy who can inform the guy, also mentioned something else of interest: he’s one of the people who’ve done fiction featuring Hammett as the protagonist, like Joe Gores did in his novel Hammett.

Joe told me, “A story of mine featured Hammett and Fred Dannay solving a murder that took place at the Jefferson School of Social Science in early 50s New York City.”

Title was “The Ten-Cent Murder” and it saw print in the August 2016 issue of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine.

Dannay came in to speak to Hammett’s classes, and that’s the era when he was paperbacking a lot of Hammett’s fiction (but not the now discredited “The Diamond Wager” — man, I bet not one Hammett fan is sorry to see that dog kicked out of the kennel).

Of course, Dannay jumped a bunch of the stories with a quick blue pencil. . . .

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