Hammett: Dr. Oz Gets the Clew

In the back of my mind lurked the idea that Jeopardy! might retire clews about Hammett and Sam Spade in the post-Alex Trebek era.

But as I’ve said before, Hammett kind of serves as one of their standards — not as constant as State Capitals and the Periodic Table of Elements, but for one guy with a life and a few books and some movies, he keeps popping up.

For Season 37 Episode 126 on March 22 — the first segment guest-hosted by Dr. Oz — they used the category MacGuffin.

The $400 clew:

In a 1941 movie Humphrey Bogart called this title MacGuffin “The stuff that dreams are made of”

The champ of the moment responded, “What is The Maltese Falcon?”

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