Sinister Cinema: Sam Invades Manchette Territory

Terry Zobeck pops along the news from The Rap Sheet that unbeknownst to us Sam Spade moved to France and is about to get into some 1960s colonial action, as in a Jean-Patrick Manchette novel! Well, hell, I wasn’t expecting that, at all at all. But I can’t say I’m actually surprised.

Spade, details the report, “has been quietly living out his golden years in the small town of Bozuls in the South of France. It’s 1963, the Algerian War has just ended, and in a very short time, so, too, will Spade’s tranquility.”

Casting Clive Owen as our boy Sammie is a plus, for my tastes — he was excellent in Shoot ‘Em Up.

For the rest of it, I suppose that depends on how the idea gets brought off. (I am reminded that I still haven’t bothered catching the recent film of Willeford’s The Burnt Orange Heresy.)

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