Hammett: More Hawkman

Remember back in 2016 when the DC comics show Legends of Tomorrow debuted on the CW? Seems like only yesterday, and now it has been canceled, the last sad dregs streaming off into oblivion. . . .

But hey, I liked it well enough for quite awhile — Dominic Purcell had some of the best lines. (Any time a CW show made a sly wink to Prison Break, it was gold.)

And my favorite in-joke or Easter Egg was when the statue of the Maltese falcon from the 1941 Bogie movie pulled a cameo. I covered it here. You can take a gander at the image above.

Now Brian Wallace digs up an article that explains that the falcon statue wasn’t just a clever one-off, it references a story line from the comics. One where Hawkman was partnered in the P.I. biz with — could it be? — Sam Spade.

A continuity implant. A bit of retcon.

My Hawkman era was back in the days of Joe Kubert and Murphy Anderson on the drawing board, when the winged hero was a cop from an alien world. But if you want to haul Ancient Ægypt into it all, knock yourself out.

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