Rediscovered: The Death of Sax

Arch-Autograph Hound Brian Leno hauls out a couple of John Hancocks to mark an anniversary, including one from the iconic Anna May Wong, who just got her own American quarterpiece, if you prefer to collect coins.

Here’s Brian:

Sixty-three years ago, on June 1st, 1959, Sax Rohmer passed away, so he’s due for a little recognition today.

He had plenty of fame in his lifetime, no doubt about it.

Robert E. Howard had quite a few books by Rohmer in his library, and any reader of “Skull-Face” knows that the Texas author was an admirer of Fu Manchu and his epic battles with Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie.

Of course many movies were made during Rohmer’s lifetime. One of the more interesting is The Daughter of the Dragon from 1931.

Beautiful Anna May Wong portrayed the evil genius’ daughter, and Warner Oland (better known as Charlie Chan) essayed Fu.

The autograph of Anna May Wong is a recent acquisition. Inscribed to Joan Bradshaw, who was a bit of a beauty herself as an actress and producer.

The Rohmer has been in my collection many years. I’ve framed it with a picture of Joseph Clement Coll’s rendition of Fu Manchu striking fear into the heart of Dr. Petrie. No one else does the evil mastermind as well as Coll.

I haven’t read all the Fu Manchu books, but I’ve read a few. I’ve enjoyed them but I’ve noticed that our two heroes, Smith and Petrie, have their share of arriving on every crime scene just a little late.

Discovering that Fu Manchu is in the city and that somebody’s life is in jeopardy, Smith yells “Quick Petrie! Get off your butt! Mr. So-and-So is in danger, we have to hurry!”

They never seem to make it in time. To their credit, however, the corpse is usually still a bit warm.

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